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David Haubenschild

Registered Homeopath AROH MAHA

My name is David Haubenschild and I help people who aren’t getting results from conventional treatment alone to make a positive shift in their health. This could be for a range of health challenges or goals that require new thinking.

Most of all, I really enjoy helping people create positive change in their life through conscious core connection.

I’m a Registered Homeopath from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I studied at Endeavour College of Natural Health, Australia’s largest natural therapies college. Building on this, I’ve continued to study methods important to the health issues of our era:

  • Organotherapy – natural medicines traditionally used to support the function of organs and body systems
  • Homeopathic detox – a structured approach to break through the impact of toxins on our health
  • Supporting the person with cancer – natural support for the individual undergoing conventional treatment that won’t interfere, such as to help manage the side effects of radiotherapy or chemotherapy, and more
  • Sensation Method – digging deeper to understand the holistic body-mind relationship underpinning health and disease.

I’m also currently studying Ayurveda so as to integrate its beautiful lifestyle and treatment practices.

My approach

My approach is to:

If this interests you, visit my services and programs page for a complete listing of what I offer, or contact me if you wish to discuss the role Homeopathy could have in your healthcare.

My philosophy

As you may have guessed by the website name, the concept of holism – which focuses on the ‘bigger picture’ – is an important driving force in my philosophy.

Definition of Holistic and Notion;

You can play David’s video message below:

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