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Build a summer survival kit with Homeopathy – The Drop Podcast

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Build a summer survival kit with Homeopathy – The Drop Podcast

The festive season is often a period of over indulgence in food and wine. In Australia, we also like to spend time in the outdoors, enjoying warm weather and sunshine. We’re also great travellers. This episode goes through the process of building a homeopathic kit for the summer period.

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View and download the Homeopathic Survival Kit for the Summer Festive Season infographic.



Hi, my name is David Haubenschild, and welcome to this episode of The Drop, where I’ll be constructing my own homeopathic survival kit for the summer festive season – and hopefully give you some suggestions you can use for putting together your own homeopathic medicines kit.

The festive season is often a period of over indulgence in food and alcohol.  In Australia, we also like to spend time in the outdoors, enjoying warm weather and sunshine.  We’re also great travellers.

Although prevention is the best medicine, I’ll be suggesting some homeopathic medicines you might wish to pack… just in case!

About kits

First a word about kits.  Kits are a great way to learn about homeopathy, and apply it in your life.  They’re especially great for non-chronic health problems, which may be more complex and require the help of a homeopathic professional.

There are a great range of commercial homeopathic first aid kits, which usually come with a guide book explaining the use of each medicine.  But there are also times where you may want to approach a homeopath to build a custom kit for you.

For example:

  • If you’re travelling, you may want some simple medicines for typical travel problems.  Customising a kit for travel may depend on if you’re travelling within your own country, or abroad – when abroad, a bit of research is needed to identify possible complaints specific to the area you’re travelling to and you want to be prepared for.
  • It may be for a life event, such as pregnancy & birth.  This may include homeopathic medicines traditionally used to prepare for birth, manage anxiety, pain, minimise shock or bruising during labor, and much more.
  • Seasonal – such as winter ‘colds and flu’ kit, with different medicines designed to both manage symptoms and speed recovery, should colds or flu strike – or even strengthen the immune system so its more robust in the first place.
  • Musculoskeletal complaints from over exertion or strains, such as from playing sports, riding bikes, etc.

If having a custom kit interests you, I do offer this as a service.  For more information, see my website at:

But in this episode, I’ll go through some medicines you might want to consider for your Summer survival kit.

But before I do so, let’s pause for a quick ad break.

What’s in my summer kit

Welcome back. My process for building my summer survival kit started by thinking through the different scenarios that I might want a homeopathic medicine on hand for, be it for myself, friends or family.

The scenarios I came up were:

  • Possible over indulgence of food or alcohol; or conditions affecting the gut, such as gastro
  • We love being outdoors in Australia, so:
    • Ailments from too much heat or sun is always a possibility
    • We know there are a lot of creepy crawlies in Australia, such as mosquitos, so medicines for bites and stings was a must for me
    • Support for minor injuries – such as bruises and cuts, as well as burns
  • Being more physically active might mean there is the potential Musculoskeletal complaints – such as sprains and strains (being outdoors being more physically active)
  • Travel sickness — including from motion, and in planes
  • And even emotional support, such as anxiety.

By the way, these medicines do not replace necessary medical treatment – and you should always consult a healthcare professional should you need it.

Polychrests – medicines for multiple conditions

So what medicines did I put in my kit to help for this?  Well, I ended up with 20!  And the interesting thing is that most of the medicines have multiple uses, as many of these are what are called polychrests – medicines of multiple uses.

See the show notes for this episode for a link to the infographic of these medicines and their uses on my website at


That takes us to the end of this episode, and I hope that it has given you some insight into the use of homeopathy to in building a first aid kit.

The links and references mentioned in this episode will be listed at the end of this episodes shownotes at
Thank you for listening.

David Haubenschild

David is a homeopath from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is passionate about helping people change their lives for the better, achieving a level of freedom from disease, and promoting general happiness and wellbeing using natural approaches, that last.

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