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Nausea and vomiting: five homeopathic remedies

Nausea and vomiting: five homeopathic remedies

This video is about five traditional homeopathic remedies used to manage symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

This is the video version of the podcast ‘Nausea & vomiting: 5-homeopathic-remedies’.




I thought I would share five remedies that may be useful for your homeopathic first aid kit to manage symptoms of vomiting and nausea.

What triggered me to create this video is that recently I experienced severe nausea with vomiting threatening… and I was without my homeopathic first aid kit.

I also remembered how uncomfortable or even distressing these symptoms can be – and that with the correctly selected homeopathic remedy, like the one I found myself, great relief can be achieved.


This is probably a good time to mention that nausea can be a symptom of many conditions, such as stomach ulcers, the morning sickness of pregnancy, or gastroenteritis (which is usually caused by a viral, bacterial or parasitical infection), and these conditions may need management in other ways. So please see you healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment.

Five homeopathy remedies for nausea and vomiting

Before I go into the 5 remedies, I first wanted to say that there are many other remedies which feature nausea. When I consulted one I my references, there were 969 remedies listed with different degrees of relevance to nausea!

Its important that I mention this because homeopathy always tries to individualise the treatment to match your individual symptom pattern. I’ve picked 5 remedies to talk about, but when I’m seeing clients, it may turn out that one of the other remedies I haven’t mentioned may be more appropriate.

So lets get into them now.
With each, I’ve given a mini symptom picture.
When choosing for yourself out of your own first aid kit, you will usually want to see at least a few of the symptoms you’re experiencing reflected together in the one remedy.


The first remedy is probably the ‘chief’ of most famous if the vomiting and nausea remedies, and if you have brought a commercial homeopathic first aid kit, its likely in there.  And that remedy is called Ipecac.

With Ipecac, vomiting can be of food, mucus, or even bile or blood.

With the nausea, there is often profuse salivation.  The nausea is of a constant nature – and when vomiting occurs, there isn’t relief.

Other symptoms that may occur along side the nausea and vomiting include: belching, as well as diarrhoea.

Antimonium tartaricum

Antimonium tartaricum differs from Ipecac in that the nausea isn’t persistent – although it is intense.  Also, their is relief after vomiting, whereas the person needed Ipecac doesn’t find this.

Other indications for these use of Antimonium Tartaric include:

  • Thirst for cold water (but just little amounts)
  • Clammy / sweaty skin
  • And feeling cold, drowse and weak.

Arsenicum album

Arsenicum album is another that is likely to be in commercial first aid kits.

Its often indicated where food poisoning is suspected.

Symptoms include vomiting together with diarrhoea.  Drinking, especially cold drinks, will aggravate the person.  If symptoms are worse after midnight, this can be another indication for its use.

Other important symptoms to look for in people who do well with Arsenicum is burning pain sensations.  They will tend to feel chilly and anxious.

When vomiting, they may feel fearful.


Cocculus is a great travel sickness remedy, for nausea and vomiting which is triggered from motion: be it riding in a car or boat, or flying in a a plane.

There can be headache from travelling, which also provides the desire to vomiting.

The person who may find this remedy beneficial may also be experiencing great weakness, with a hollow ‘gone’ feeling.

Nux vomica

Nux vomica is another popular remedy.  Its a remedy that has a great affinity for the gastro-intestinal system, including stomach, living and bowels.

Someone who may find relief with this remedy may experience nausea in the morning after eating.

They have a depressed appetite. 

The stomach ache is a contractive-type pain.  There is an inclination to vomit, although the desire  may be ineffectual.  This can also be true of stool – there may be constipation, or only a small amount is passing.

Other symptoms include bloating and tenderness of the abdomen.


So that is it – 5 remedies and their indications for nausea and vomiting…. and if you don’t have them already in your homeopathic first aid kit, then maybe you might want to get them.

I’ve been thinking of creating an online ‘homeopathic first aid for home and travel’ course…  and if this interests you, send me a note, and what you would want included in the course – and if I get enough interest, I’ll put something together.

David Haubenschild

David is a homeopath from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is passionate about helping people change their lives for the better, achieving a level of freedom from disease, and promoting general happiness and wellbeing using natural approaches, that last.

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