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Ten simple problems and their homeopathic treatment – The Drop Podcast

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Ten simple problems and their homeopathic treatment – The Drop Podcast

The Drop – your dose of natural and homeopathic healthcare. Endeavour Wellnation Clinic is running a special promotion for FREE 30 minute homeopathic consultations.  This podcast provides some simple health problems which are suitable for the 30 minute format.

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You’re with David Haubenschild, and the theme of this episode is Ten simple problems and their Homeopathic Treatment.

This podcast coincides with a special promotion that Endeavour Wellnation Clinic is running, for FREE 30 minute homeopathic consultations. This special offer is only valid for 30 minute consultations booked and conducted by 19 December 2015.

And in this episode I will give you some ideas for which you may wish to try homeopathy, to take advantage of this time limited special offer.

The homeopathic consultation

But before I begin, its important to give some background to the homeopathic consultation, as 30 minute sessions aren’t usually the norm in Australia.

Homeopathy aims to be holistic in its approach, and particularly for long-standing illnesses, where we try tailor both the remedy and treatment plan based on the broader personal context of the individual. This usually requires a more extensive case taking interview, where we not only explore the chief health complaint, but we attempt to understand:

  • the entire health history of an individual
  • their predisposition to certain conditions
  • the types of health challenges and stressors they’ve experienced through their life
  • any heredity conditions, or health patterns that run through a family
  • lifestyle factors, such as diet
  • the mind and body connection
  • and so on.

But with shorter consultations, the approach has to be truncated – and we usually target the chief complaint only, which can more often be an acute condition, and look for the remedies which we know traditionally, help.

And to do this, we generally will rely on one of three techniques:

  1. The Boenninghausen method – a type of analysis which was developed in the 1800’s by a really smart dutch born lawyer, civil servant, agriculturalist, botanist, physician and homeopathic pioneer. When using this technique we will tend to explore the ‘ins and outs’ of a chief problem:
    • through the location the complaint is expressing (for example, it could be a problem with the left knee),
    • the type of complaint and sensations experienced (for example, the client may be experiencing arthritic type pains),
    • what we call modalities, which are those things that either further aggravate the complaint, or provide relief (in this case, it might be worse when initially starting to move the knee, but is relieved by continual movement, and hot compresses),
    • and we look for other complaints experienced alongside the main one, for example, the client may be quite irritable emotionally since this problem started.

We then do a search for a remedy which matches this unique combination of qualities.

  1. Prescribers or therapeutic indexes – which are references that collate the main or most frequently used remedies traditionally used by homeopaths for a specific condition. For example, hay fever is quite prevent in Melbourne at the moment, so after gathering symptoms from a client, where they say they have violent sneezing with tears, redness and swelling of eyelids, runny nose with a contractive headache, I consult one or more of these references and look for the best matching hay fever remedy, of which Sabadilla looks like a good candidate.
  2. Specifics – this is where there is one major remedy for a specific complaint, and the individualising factors between each client isn’t as important. For example the remedy Melilotus is almost always helpful for nosebleeds, and Arnica for bruises.

If you problem is of a bigger or more chronic in nature, I wouldn’t recommended the 30 minute consultations, but rather book in for a full session. If your problem is quite specific and not complex, then the 30 minute sessions may be a great way to try homeopathy if you haven’t already.

Ten problems

So what are some problems you might seek these shorter 30 minute sessions for?

Here are 10 ideas!

  1. Organ support – if you have an under-functioning organ, or doing a detox program, we have remedies that target their functioning, such as for the liver and kidneys.
  2. Prostate enlargement – another example of organ support for the guys is the remedy Sabal serruluta, which is also known more commonly as ‘saw palmetto’, in tincture or lower potencies may be helpful for prostrate enlargement
  3. Hayfever – a very common problem at the moment. We have remedies that can help relieve symptoms when they strike. There are too many remedies to mention here, but check out my other podcast on this topic.
  4. Pain relief for aches and pains, such as toothache – Plantago in low potency may provide relief, but so may Chamomilla, Coffea or Staphisagria. There are remedies for other specific situations, such as for the backache of late pregnancy Bellis perennis may provide relief.
  5. Growing pains – Calc phos as a tissue salt can be quite beneficial for kids and teens experiencing growing pains
  6. Simple skin problem, like warts – a remedy like Ferrrum picricum or Thuja may help, and for warts on the feet, Antimonium crudum may be of service.
  7. Scar tissue – the remedy Thio-sia-mi-num is often used as a specific to dissolve scars, but we have other remedies like Graphities and Silicea
  8. Tendency to dislocations – the tissue salt Calc flour may be of use
  9. Exam preparation – its exam time in many schools, and a remedy such as Aethusa is suitable for mental or memory fatigue of students before an exam, and remedies like Gelsemium or Agentum nitricum may help with feelings of exam anxiety.
  10. Exhaustion – and for those who have reached the point of exhaustion, a remedy like Avena sativa which is also known under the common name as oat straw may be helpful, and so might the different acid remedies we use in homeopathy, such as Phosphoric acid or Picricum acid. The acids tend to suit a picture where the person has been incredibly busy and then they enter into a collapsed state, where they assist like a tonic.

Special offer

That takes us to the end of of my list, and I hope that it has given you some ideas that you could help you take advantage of the FREE 30 minute homeopathic consultations offer.

If you are interested, contact Endeavour Wellnation Clinic on: 1300 859 785 and mention that you heard about the offer.

Note that this special promotion is only valid for the 30 minute consultations booked and conducted by 19 December 2015.

Thank you for listening.

David Haubenschild

David is a homeopath from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is passionate about helping people change their lives for the better, achieving a level of freedom from disease, and promoting general happiness and wellbeing using natural approaches, that last.

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