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Tissue salts and hay fever

The tissue salt system provides some wonderful and easily accessible natural medicines which may provide relief during hay fever.

What are tissue salts?

The tissue salts were developed by Dr Schuessler in Europe during the the 1800’s, where he was seeking to use the ‘essential component parts of the human body’ therapeutically.  Also known as biochemic or cell salts, these are the minerals which make up the human body or are used in its functioning, but prepared using the homeopathic method.

Where do you get them?

Tissue salts are available from health food shops, as well many pharmacies, and some supermarkets.  Many natural health practitioners may also dispense them to their clients.  They’re also used as support medicines in the Hacking Hay Fever program, which helps people take control of their hay fever using natural approaches.

How do you use them?

The traditional form of tissue salts is in a form of a lactose-based tablet.  These are easy to dissolve in the mouth, or chew, and can also be dissolved in water.

If dissolving in water, you may need to crush first with the back of a spoon.  Depending on the manufacturer, some will dissolve fast, others you’ll need to let sit for a few minutes for the tablet to soften.

Some manufactures have started supplying the salts in a liquid form, usually with a spray you can use to deliver it directly into your mouth.

More than one tissue salt can be used at a time, and some manufacturers have created tablets containing a combination of the salts.

How often should I take them?

When you are experiencing (or even about to experience, if you notice any signs of a hay fever attack coming on) symptoms of hay fever, it is suggested that you take a dose when needed.  This can be as frequent as every 15 minutes during an attack, and at other times, taking a dose a few times a day, up to hourly, depending on your response and exact situation.

One convenient way of taking tissue salts is by dissolving some tablets into a bottle of water, and sipping it during the day and through to the evening.

Tissue salts for hay fever

Tissue salts are selected in a similar way to Homeopathic medicines – by looking at their indications, and finding the best match.  Not all aspects of a tissue salt has to match.

The main tissue salt medicines for hay fever are Mag Phos, Nat Mur, and Silicea (or a combination of the three called ‘Combination H’), however, there may be other salts which are helpful depending on your symptoms.  These are described in the following table.

Name What it’s for
Mag Phos

This is often used:

  • when an attack of hay fever is threatening, and hopefully stopping it from developing further
  • to relax a hay fever attack when it has already set in.

Mag Phos has other indications for its use, such as:

  • Sensitivity to sultry weather
  • ‘Stuffiness’ during the day
  • Oppressed, short, anxious breathing, particularly at night.
Nat Mur

The indications of the tissue salt is for people who have:

  • Violent coryza (irritation and inflammation of the nasal cavity), with sensation of itching in nasal passages and tear ducts
  • Symptoms brought on from exposure to the sun
  • Craving for salts.

The indications of this tissue salt is for people who have:

  • Itching and tingling in the nose
  • Itching and tingling at orifice of Eustachian tubes (internally, where the ears join the nasal cavity)
  • Violent sneezing and an acrid, excoriating discharge
  • Hoarseness, roughness and dryness with a tickling cough, made worse by cold drinks, by speaking, and when lying down.
Combination H

Some tissue salt manufacturers have released a combination of tissue salts for hay fever, called ‘Combination H’.  This mixture includes three tissue salts already mentioned above:

  • Mag phos
  • Nat mur
  • Silica

A tissue salt combination may offer you a simpler way to evaluate if these medicines are of benefit to you.

Kali Mur

The indications of this tissue salt is for people with:

  • Thick, white discharges (e.g. from nose)
  • White-greyish coating of tongue
  • Asthmatic-type breathing.
Kali Phos

This tissue salt is used more as a nervous system tonic, but also has use in natural hay fever treatment if the indications match.  The indications of this tissue salt is for people with:

  • ‘Nervous’ conditions, be it:
    • nervous disposition or temperament
    • nervous exhaustion, loss of mental vigour, etc
    • discomfort or sensitivity of the nervous system, such as with nerve pain
    • greater sensitivity to hay fever triggers when nervous/anxious, etc.
  • Shortness of breath, hoarseness
  • Generally feel worse by mental or physical exertion
  • Tongue coated dark.


  • Tissue salts are a simple natural system of medicines, developed in Europe over 200 years ago
  • They utilise small quantities of minerals, usually in a dissolvable tablet form
  • Tissue salts are easily accessible, available from most natural health shops, and some pharmacies and supermarkets
  • In the Hacking Hay Fever program, they’re used as a supportive therapy, while Homeopathic medicines are used for a deeper treatment.


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Learn about taking control of hay fever naturally.

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David is a homeopath from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is passionate about helping people change their lives for the better, achieving a level of freedom from disease, and promoting general happiness and wellbeing using natural approaches, that last.

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