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Natural therapies

Natural healthcare at Holistic Notion

Holistic Notion is natural medicine clinic in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. A range of natural therapies are utilised, such as Homeopathy, Homeobotanicals (a type of herbal medicine) and MORA bioresonance.

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Homeopathy is a form of traditional medicine which aims to promote the self-healing capacity of the body to overcome challenges, improve resilience and raise general vitality. It is one of the most used natural healthcare systems in the world. Providing a comprehensive and holistic view of health and disease, the Homeopathic system is used as the framework for the treatment plans used at Holistic Notion.

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Homeobotanical therapy

Homeobotantical therapy uses botanical extracts that are prepared along Homeopathic principles. As with Herbal medicine the active ingredients are present in sufficient amounts so as to produce physical effects, and like in Homeopathic medicines, they are in low enough concentrations to stimulate the dynamic effects. Taken in drop doses makes it much more palatable than other herbal concentrates.

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MORA bioresonance

MORA bioresonance is a type of bio-feedback developed in 1977 by the German physician Dr Franz Morell and electronics engineer Erich Rasche where ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations which have been read from the body are processed electronically and returned to the body as therapy.

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