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Homeobotanical therapy

Unleashing the healing power of plants through homeopathic and herbal medicine

Homeobotanical therapy aims to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms.

It does this through specially prepared formulas, that in their simplest form can be thought of as a hybrid of homeopathic and herbal medicine.

Homeobotanical therapy may be recommended during your consultation at Holistic Notion, Melbourne (Victoria, Australia). Many different formulations are possible. Its unique ‘dynamic nutrition’ provides the support from herbs with low-dose stimulus to unblock the detox pathways and promote healthy function.

More than a blending of healing traditions

As with Herbal medicine the active ingredients are present in sufficient amounts so as to produce physical effects, and like in Homeopathic medicines, they are in low enough concentrations to stimulate the dynamic effects.

From low-potency Homeopathic medicine, Homeobotanical preparations inherit the following qualities:

  • Stimulating – provoke a self-healing response to restore balance
  • Potentised – ‘energised’ through succussion and reduced concentration (the less is more of Homeopathy)
  • Detoxifying – encourage detoxification of impurities in the body, which may serve as an obstacle to healing.

From Herbal medicine, Homeobotanical preparations inherit the following qualities:

  • Blended – several herbs are synergistically combined to produce a balanced formula
  • Body affinities – herbs are selected for their traditional use for an organ or body system
  • Nourishing – trophorestorative herbs are selected to support nutritionally and to tonify and strengthen each organ or system
  • Purifying – deupurative herbs are selected to drain away toxins and keep the nutritional pathways open.

How are they taken?

Homeobotanical’s are taken internally in drop doses. Topical preparations can also be blended into creams to support the skin.

Dosage can be adjusted so they’re suitable for infants through to adults. Care needs to be taken for people taking anticoagulant/antiplatelet or immunosuppressant drugs.

Homeobotanticals can be used stand-alone or iterated with other therapies.

How David uses them

Homeobotanical formulas are a practitioner only range (not retail) and are available only by consultation. Each formula is tailored to your situation and health goals. The formulas are generally dispensed in either 25ml ($30) or 50ml ($50) bottles.

Depending on the dose and how frequently they are taken, they typically last for about a month (chronic health issue), or shorter if taken more frequently. The 50ml is more economical for longer-term formulas.

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