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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a form of traditional medicine which aims to promote the self-healing capacity of the body to overcome challenges, improve resilience and raise general vitality.

Using a comprehensive and holistic approach which takes into account your physical, mental and emotional state, past health challenges, and hereditary factors, specially prepared medicines made from plant, mineral or other sources are chosen and prescribed to match your unique situation.

Homeopathy provides the holistic healthcare model at Holistic Notion. David utilises traditional, classical and contemporary methods depending on your situation, goals and preferences.

What is it used for?

My clients use homeopathy to assist with:

  • Acute or chronic conditions
  • A specific issue or health goal
  • Residual impact from a previous condition or trauma
  • Functioning of an organ or body system
  • Strengthening the constitution to promote general wellness
  • Enhancing the effects of other treatments
  • Managing the side effects of other treatments.

Who uses it?

Homoeopathy is low risk, therefore suitable for all stages of life including pregnancy.

More information

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