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MORA bioresonance therapy

The original bioresonance therapy

MORA-therapy aims to restore balance. An holistic assessment and treatment is at the core of a MORA-therapy session at Holistic Notion in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia).

How it works

MORA-therapy uses a person’s own ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations for assessment and treatment.

During a session, these electromagnetic oscillations are:

  • read from the body via electrodes, usually from the hands, feet, but also other locations on the body
  • transmitted to the MORA-device
  • processed by inversion or modulation via an electronic amplifier
  • returned to the body via electrodes as feedback.

Diagram of oscillations being sent to MORA machine and returned to a person as therapy.

Additionally, the ultra-fine oscillations of other substances (such as Homeopathic medicines) and even colours (light) are also used.

Note that MORA therapy IS NOT electrotherapy, radiation, nor a ‘paranormal’ medical method of treatment. It is based on the fields of bioelectromagnetism and cybernetics.

The original MORA bioresonance including MORA colour therapy is available at Holistic Notion’s Melbourne CBD clinic.

The MORA story

MORA was developed in 1977 by the German physician Dr Franz Morell and electronics engineer Erich Rasche from whose names MO-RA is derived.  It’s based on the premise that each individual possesses a unique spectrum of ultra-fine electromagnetic oscillations which can be electronically sensed, processed and then utilised as therapy.

Information in our bodies

These electromagnetic oscillations may be compared (but are different from and much finer than) the cardiac impulses detected by an electrocardiogram (ECG) or brainwaves as measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG). Processes in our bodies are controlled by the ‘information’ carried by and within these oscillations.

Information from substances

In the same way the electromagnetic oscillations from the body is used, so can those from other substances – such as:

  • Homeopathic medicines
  • Allergies/intolerances
  • Vitamins/foods
  • Heavy metals/toxins
  • Body secretion, excretion and fluids
  • Colour light oscillations
  • etc.

Many of these are stored in the MORA device electronically where the ‘information’ from these can be superimposed during therapy onto our personal oscillation field.

The MORA Machine

The MORA machine itself employs a range of treatment strategies.

On a basic level it uses filters to separate ‘harmonic’ (i.e. healthy) and ‘disharmonious’ (i.e. unhealthy) oscillations from the body. The unhelpful, interfering and unnecessary ‘disharmonious’ oscillations are then inverted (mirror image) to cancel them out.

Photo of a MORA machine.

The machine also has the ability to assess the left and right and upper and lower segments of the body and to help balance them out.

This is done through electrodes which act as ‘antennas’ connected to the arms, feet, spine, abdomen or directly to the problematic spot. Magnetic electrodes are used when deeper treatment is required. An amplifier can also be used to intensify the treatment.

To help tailor and evaluate treatment progress, relevant acupuncture points can be measured electronically.

The electromagnetic oscillations processed by the MORA machine can also be used to ‘impregnate’ Homeopathic drops or other natural medicines so as to augment them and maintain the effects of treatment between sessions.

How David utilises the MORA

David primarily uses MORA as a therapy rather than an assessment device, preferring taking a full case to understand your health history and goals so as to plan a holistic health treatment.

How many sessions are needed?

The number of sessions varies considerably from person to person. In acute cases, only a few therapy sessions often suffice. Longer or long-term therapy is normally required in case of diseases with severe or chronic symptoms.

Duration of treatment

After your case has been taken, a session with the MORA machine can be as short as 15 minutes, to about 45 minutes.

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