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Services & programs

Homeopathic consultations

Appointments are available using both classical and non-classical homeopathic approaches. Please download and send in your Customer registration form before the first appointment.

  • Initial consultation

  • $120

    90 minutes
    • The initial appointment is where a comprehensive case taking occurs.
    • Make sure you have submitted your Customer registration form before your appointment.
  • Follow-up consultation

  • $75

    45 minutes
    • Follow-up appointments are for clients who already have had an initial appointment.
    • They’re designed to assess the effectiveness of the homeopathic treatment plan, and adjust the approach where necessary.
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Health programs & packages

Unlike traditional homeopathic consultations which are accessed by clients for a broad range of health concerns, these health programs provide a convenient format which focus on a specific need.

Hacking hay fever™

This program aims to:

  • Relieve symptoms of hay fever
  • Reduce individual susceptibility towards hay fever
  • Improve general wellbeing
  • Remove blocks to healing
  • Support the body during recovery.

Now available.

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NQR Detox™

Feeling ‘not quite right’?

When you feel like you need a ‘reboot’, this program uses both general and targeted homeopathic detox & repair methods.

To be released in 2017.

Personal development

This program, currently in development, taps into the collective wisdom and body of knowledge of homeopathic practitioners from the last 200 years, to aid in personal development.

This is suitable for those already on the personal development path, and using practices, such as meditation.

To be released in 2017.

Bespoke products

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Custom Homeopathic kits

Kits are a great way to learn about homeopathy, and apply it in your life.

Each custom kit is researched and tailored to your specific situation or goal.

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Bio-compatibility hair test and wellness program

Identify 500 products that may be adversely affecting your health with a simple hair test, with a 6 month wellness program to help you get back on track.

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