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Bio-compatibility test (500 products)

Compatibility of foods, personal & household products

To call this ‘just’ a hair test, under-sells what this actually is.

Identify 500 products that may be adversely affecting your health,
with a 6 month wellness program to help you get back on track.

Discover incompatabilities

The bio-compatibility test is used to identify foods and household products that act as ‘irritants’ to the body.

Swap in the good

The test allows you to identify foods you can substitute that may be less problematic to your body.

Time to repair

The typical commitment is for a 6 month period where the ‘irritants’ foods or household products are eliminated, giving the body time to repair naturally.

30 years strong

It’s been developed over the last 30 years by experienced Naturopaths, and is used in more than 20 countries.

What is bio-compatability?

Key to the bio-compatibility system is it's innovative hair analysis test, combined with a wellness program.

Obstacles to wellbeing

The bio-compatibility system is based on the principle that ‘dis-ease’ (suffering) in your body is aggravated by certain foods and/or products interfering with your immune system and preventing it from working properly – therefore incompatible for you, at least at this time.

We’re all different

The bio-compatibility program reflects your individual requirements and responses, based on the test results.

It forms a solid foundation upon which your practitioner can develop a personalised client care program for you.

Find what you can eat/use

The bio-compatibility test is used not just to identify foods and household products that are problematic to the body, but also those that are right for you.  By feeding your body correctly, your immune system is then freed up to deal with other issues more effectively.

Note: this test is different from allergy or intolerance tests, and hair mineral analysis.

The test

Non-invasive, without needles or blood samples.

The test uses modern, electronic equipment to measure your body’s compatibility against a standard list of 500 common LOCAL foods and household products — including all food groups, and bathroom, laundry, and kitchen products.

What is required?

A small hair sample is used (about a thumbnail size), and saliva can be used if no hair is available.


A report is given listing 500 products, from foods, personal care items, household cleaning products (laundry, bathroom and kitchen), and much more. The test results highlight which foods and products are right for your body and which are not.

In addition to the standard test, a range of speciality testing options are available – such as for Aldi products, baby items, Indian foods and for pets.

Other test options


In addition to the standard 500 items, the test is extended to include a range of Aldi products. This is useful for those people who also shop at Aldi.


The baby list includes the standard 500, plus baby items. This includes: creams & powders, baby wipes, disposable nappies, shampoo & soaps, formulas, medications (e.g. teething gels) and processed foods.

Indian foods

This tests 137 Indian foods, such as: cereals & grains (e.g. Dhal flour), lentils, beans & nuts, prayer items (e.g. Sandalwood paste), spices & spice mixes, confectionary, vegetables & greens, fruit, cooked foods, beverages, oils, pickles, toiletries and more.

Animal list

This test is designed for dogs and cats, and includes 243 items in a range of categories: dry & wet dog foods, fresh foods, fruit, dairy, cat foods, petro-chemicals, vegetables, grains & cereals, seafood, shampoo/medications, canine comfort products and more.

The program

As easy as A, B, C, D...

This is not a wellness program where you’re loaded up on supplements. The program is designed to relieve the body from constant exposure to problematic foods and other products. By giving the body a break, it can use its resources to heal and improve functioning, rather than constantly battle with these low-level irritants.

The typical time commitment is for a 6 months continuous period where the problematic foods or household products are eliminated, giving the body time to repair naturally.

A – Diary

The first step of the program occurs while you’ve sent off your hair sample for testing, and includes documenting in a diary the foods you’ve consumed over a week, as well as other household and personal products you’ve used, such as a particular cleaning product, or even which brand of deodorant you used.

The idea is to capture your typical week.

B – Meal plan

After a week you provide your practitioner with your diary. Once the test results have returned, they’ll go through and identify foods and products you’re consuming that the bio-compatibility test has reported as problematic. They’ll also go through and work out possible alternatives.

The adjusted food diary becomes your meal plan through the course of the program. And the good news that since it’s based on your typical dietary pattern, the changes are easy to implement.

C – Tracking & evaluation

At the end of each week, you track the improvement of your symptoms.  At the end of 4 weeks, your practitioner reports progress to the testing service, who remain active behind the scenes to ensure you’re progressing well through the program.

D – Further adjustments

Depending on how you’re responding, further adjustments to the meal plan may be needed. At this time, Homeopathic detox or other natural medicines may be recommended into the program to help achieve your goals.

E – Retest

After 6 to 9 months from starting the program, a retest is recommended. All program participants receive a retest voucher, which gives a discount rate for the repeat test provided its done so before the expiry date. Depending on your results, you may decide to slowly re-introduce foods that are no-longer problematic…. or if you’re happy with your changes, stick with your new meal plan.  Retesting may also pick up some new items.


To maintain good health, a follow-up test every 12-18 months is recommended, or when other health problems arise.

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