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Natural support for people undergoing cancer treatment

Who is this for?

This service is for people undergoing or have undergone conventional cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery.

This could be to help with:

  • side effects from treatment
  • energy levels
  • emotional wellbeing.

It’s also adaptable to different stages of the cancer ‘journey’.

This service is for supporting the person and therefore it’s not an ‘alternative treatment’ or replacement for conventional treatment. This service is designed to work in a complementary way.


A natural healthcare plan is developed based on your specific situation. This can include symptoms or side-effects you’re experiencing (body and emotion), the types of chemotherapy drugs you’re taking, the procedures you’re undergoing, and goals and preferences that you have.

The approach is:

  • for any stage of your cancer ‘journey’
  • tailored to you
  • integrative and complementary to conventional treatment
  • flexible and adjusted over time and as your needs change.

Natural treatments used

The natural treatments have been selected so as to not interfere with conventional treatment, such as chemotherapy.

This includes:

The services of other practitioners may also be recommended to address other parts of your health.

Homeopathy provides the holistic healthcare model at Holistic Notion. David utilises traditional, classical and contemporary methods depending on your situation, goals and preferences.


This is NOT an alternative to conventional cancer treatment. Cancer is a serious condition and requires medical supervision. The service provided here is offered as an adjunct to support those undergoing conventional treatment. The goal is to help improve patient experience and tolerance to conventional treatment, and to assist with addressing a person’s holistic needs.

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