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Custom Homeopathic kits

Hand made for you, sent to you by post

Why get a custom kit?

Kits are a great way to learn about homeopathy, and apply it in your life. They’re especially great for non-chronic health problems, which may be more complex and require the help of a homeopathic professional.


Each custom kit is researched and tailored to your specific situation or goal.


Kits are a great way to learn how to use Homeopathic medicines in your life.


Kits can include liquid, pilules or topical creams impregnated with Homeopathic natural medicines.


Kits include instructions on how to use them.

Apply Homeopathy in your life

Examples showing the use of Homeopathic kits

Travel kits

If you’re travelling, you may want some simple medicines for typical travel problems.

This can including anything from travel sickness – be it air, sea or land – to caring for your gut health when travelling abroad.

What’s included in your kit may depend on if you’re travelling within your own country, or abroad.  When travelling abroad, a bit of research is needed to identify possible complaints specific to the area you’re travelling to and you want to be prepared for.

Man walking up road wheeling his suitcase.

Pregnancy & birth kits

Pregnant woman outdoors in the sun by tranquil water.

Kits are useful for support during life events, such as pregnancy & birth.

This may include homeopathic medicines traditionally used for:

  • preparation for birth
  • managing anxiety
  • pain
  • minimising shock or bruising during labour
  • and much more.

Seasonal kits

Seasonal kits, such as with a winter ‘colds and flu’ kit, can include different homeopathic natural medicines traditionally used to both manage symptoms and speed recovery… or even to strengthen your resilience in the first place.

Cold, Frozen dew on branch.

Musculoskeletal kits

Woman about to start running on track.

Kits are great to have on hand to help manage musculoskeletal complains, such as from:

  • minor injuries
  • inflammation
  • bruises
  • over exertion
  • strains
  • and much more.

It doesn’t matter if its for the strains of everyday life, to weekend warrior’s going too hard on the sports field, and everyone in-between!

What can I have in my kit?

Kits can be made from a range of homeopathic and related natural medicines:

  • Homeopathic simplex medicines
  • Commercial homeopathic complexes
  • Homobotanical preparations
  • Biochemical tissue salts
  • Flower essences (Bach, Australian bushflower, Californian)

Homeopathic medicines can be provided in different forms, such as:

  • Pilules
  • Liquid drops
  • Creams / ointments (external use)

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