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Hacking hay fever™ is an online health program, using natural methods,
designed to help you take control of your hay fever.


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Natural homeopathic medicine(s) are sent to you by mail (Australia only).

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Bookings are now open for two Hacking Hay Fever options, at a special introductory price.  Scroll further down the page for details.

Consultations are available Thursday and Friday through the Holistic Notion Online clinic, using Skype.

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  1. Visit the online bookings page
  2. Select a day and time.  Payment is by credit card.
  3. Download and complete the Hay fever customer registration form
  4. Email the completed form to [email protected]

You’ll be emailed details to connect into the online Skype consultation at the requested day and time.  Medicines are sent to you by mail (Australia only).

The Five Petals Method™ to Hacking Hay Fever

The Five Petals Method™ brings together different traditional homeopathic natural medicines and techniques that may:

  • Relieve symptoms of hay fever
  • Reduce individual susceptibility towards hay fever
  • Improve general wellbeing
  • Remove blocks to healing
  • Support the body during recovery.

The method is tailored to help with both short term and long term goals, and therefore can be used for symptomatic relief during the hay fever season, as well as to prepare the body outside of the hay fever period.

Why I created the Five Petals Method™ to Hacking Hay Fever

Normally I’m clutching tissues, filling up my pockets just in case I’m stuck when I desperately need it. But I noticed that after some time on homeopathic treatment, I wasn’t buying and using tissues as much. I wasn't reacting to the usual triggers as I used to. The change happened subtly - and now I look back in surprise, after having to endure this for years!

Package options

  • Acute buster

  • $109

  • This is the base hacking hay fever package, at a special introductory price. This is for people who want to try Homeopathy for relief during hay fever season.

    Price includes:

    • Initial acute consultation
    • Short follow-up consultation
    • One homeopathic (simplex) medicine.
  • Digging deeper

  • $175

  • This is the advanced hacking hay fever package, at a special introductory price. This is for people who want to try Homeopathy to improve general wellbeing and to minimise the tendency to hay fever long-term, as well as seasonal relief.

    Price includes:

    • Full homeopathic consultation
    • Follow-up consultation
    • Two homeopathic (simplex) medicines.

Book your consultation online

You can book your consultation online. Appointments available Thursday, Friday and other days by request. Visit the services page for a complete list of services and fees.

Not sure if this is for you? Select the FREE 15 minute complimentary phone appointment, or write to me to discuss your case.